Sunday, 20 May 2012

Heart Broken Doll (it is NOT okay to steal).

Firstly, we want to thank everyone who has come in and supported the Doll this week. We had a wonderful time...up until around 4:30pm on Saturday when someone (who karma will find) shoplifted this dress:

(shown with jacket here--but it's a sleeveless dress)

This dress is amazing and intricately worked--and no wonder--as super talented Helen Cody spent weeks making it. We love Helen Cody and it breaks our hearts that some mercenary, uncaring (horrible) person could do this to her and to the Doll. 

With a price tag of £2,000 this dress is probably the most fabulous piece we had in shop.

The Doll likes to think the best of people. We are local ladies and we love Kensal Rise and all of our lovely neighbours. We are also a fledgling business trying to bring something fresh and new to the area. We're not a big brand with bottomless pockets and corporate backing. Maybe one dress seems like a mere trifle to some people, but it's enough to break the Doll's bank and our hearts.

As anyone who has started their own business will know, it's more than money that you invest and in the early days profit is only something you dream of. But at least you can be proud of what your hard work--all your time and energy-- has created. (The Doll can only imagine how magnified this feeling of hurtful wrongness is for a designer like Helen Cody who spends weeks on a single show-stopping piece only for someone to callously walk away with it.) 

We don't want to let one person's evil deed get us down, but it is hard not to feel the emotional and financial effects of such a selfish act. Please, If you see this dress anywhere--on the internet, on a market stall, in a shop--anywhere, let us know so that we can try to recover it along with our faith in humanity. 

The Doll. 

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