Sunday, 16 September 2012

Gin Soaked Doll

The Doll is enjoying a weekend of research and development by the end of which our Classic Cocktail bar menu should be complete. 

This is what research and development looks like, right?

We're on a gin soaked tip and we'll definitely be serving up French 75s, Negronis, Gimlets and (an all time favourite of the Doll) Aviations. 

We've made a few improvements to our signature Broken Down Doll cocktail so that it is more fabulous than ever. Here's our not-so-secret recipe, knock yourself (and your friends) out!*

Broken Down Doll 
50 ml Gin
20 ml fresh lemon juice
10 ml sugar syrup
5 ml Maraschino
dash Absinthe

Shake all of the above together with ice. Strain and top with Prosecco. 

We had to get the absinthe in there somewhere...Apologies to those we got hooked on the absinthe pipe the last few times around. (You know who you are, you who lost three days on the Absinthe Diet...) We can still manage to rustle up a Green Beast for you to help ease your withdrawal. 

*Alternatively, we can make one for you when you join us for our Preview Night on Wednesday 26th September from 7pm! By our calculations that's only 10 DAYS away. We'd better get off this gin and get back to work. Tomorrow...

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