Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Just what the Doll ordered!

Our favourite man of cocktails must have had the Doll in mind when he mixed this one up.

Not only that, but the man himself, Mr Ben Reed, will be mixing up some classic cocktails in our Broken Down Doll bar only TWO SHORT WEEKS from now. That's right, you can start counting down now because there is only ONE FORTNIGHT to go. 

On the eve of the 26th September you'll find the Doll in her very own bar sipping on a Gin Gimlet--a drink that always makes us feel as glamorous as old Hollywood. 

You can preview a few of the classic cocktail recipes from the book here:

Or if you're more fond of drinking than reading it's only a matter of 14 DAYS until you can drink with the Doll. Time and location details to be posted imminently...

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