Monday, 4 July 2011

Weekend. Or One Mint Julep was the cause of it all...

Mint Julep

6 leaves mint
15ml Sugar syrup
50ml bourbon
crushed ice
Stir until tankard is very, very cold (your fingers should stick to it like your tongue to a wintery flagpole on a sinister triple dog dare.)

Mix to the following tune:

Unlike the Clovers, I do remember how it started. It's the finish that's rather cloudy for me--at least this song always cures a cloudy head. Proceed with caution so that you and I never need declare (as those Clovers do): I'm through with flirtin' an' drinkin' whisky...I got six extra children from gettin' frisky. Six? Six is an awful lot--and those are just the extra ones!

Pisco Sour

50ml Pisco
25ml Lemon juice
12.5ml sugar syrup
1/2 an egg white
Shake all of the above and strain
2 dashes bitters (on top once it's poured)
Lemon zest 

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